The Legalization Of Prostitution And Prostitution

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Regardless if the decriminalization of prostitution helps, there will still be a heavy demand for it. One of the biggest industries in the world has it entrapped, which is the sex based human trafficking. According to the International Labor Organization, human trafficking generates around $150 Billion per year. And Two-thirds of this money ($99billion) comes from commercial sex exploitation. But at the same time there is in fact evidence out there, that displays legalizing prostitution reduces sex trafficking. In 2001, Germany legalized paid sex. Thus over the course of 10 years, instances of sex based human trafficking decreased by 10 percent within the country. In order to combat the sex trafficking business, we need to open up more waves of supporting communication, to expose different traffickers, and we cannot do that while prostitution remains illegal. Proponents claimed that the promotion legalized sex, increases the chances of an open sex market. Since other countries have a legalized prostitution they, have seen a mild increase in human trafficking.They argue legalizing prostitution may be legalizing the prostitution industry as a whole. In addition, some say when decriminalize sex workers, you also decriminalize the pimps, and the brothels. Although they do show increases, the planned legislative process I am promoting, would prohibited the pimps (or johns) to earn a stationary living on the earnings of any sex worker. Brothel owners and operators will be
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