The Legalization Of Prostitution And Prostitution

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I find the legalization of prostitution important because it seems as if gender stereotypes, that are mostly taught to us through different social roles, play a role in the reason that prostitution is not legal- seeing that most prostitutes are women. I agree that prostitution should become legalized for a multitude of reasons, such as, helping bring down the percentage of sexual harassment, being able to be protected by the police, and being able to make a legitimate living- by doing what they would like, among many other reasons. Many seem to disagree and bump heads when it comes to gender stereotyping and prostitution. There are some radical feminists who believe that prostitution hurts women. According to, Feminist Issues In Prostitution “Radical feminism opposes prostitution on the grounds that it degrades women and furthers the power politics of the male gender” (Bromberg). The article later states, “Men are in the position of dominance, demanding and getting what they want”. This thought seems to be brought up in some ways apart of gender stereotyping. It seems as if by saying these things about the profession and forging this identity onto these people in a certain field. It forces them to stick with the way society views prostitution. An article in the American Psychological Association speaks on the stereotypical beliefs of women being selfless and less assertive than men. It speaks on how women are seen in “[…] positions of lower status and authority. […]. These
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