The Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana

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I live in an age dominated by information and technology. One where it is considered easier to open up a search engine and look something up than it is to start a conversation with a stranger. I live in era where I have more information at my fingertips than my ancestors could have even imagined existed in their lifetimes. I live in a time where without a doubt people should be the most educated and well informed than anybody in human history, and yet, this couldn’t be father from the truth and it appalls me. The wealth of information available to every single individual has done exactly the opposite of what makes logical sense. People have become lazier and lazier to the point where more often than not it becomes too much of a hassle to formulate an opinion individually. People just accept what is told to them and believe the convenient truths. However sad this may be… it is the truth. This truth allows otherwise big ticket discussions to go un-talked about. One such issue is that of the legalization of recreational marijuana. Many just assume that the reason that this “harmless substance” isn’t legalized is due to stuffy old politicians stuck in their ways or some other trivial reason. The truth of the matter is, marijuana is dangerous. It’s just as much a harmful drug as cocaine and meth are, and thus should be treated as a harmful drug. It blows me away how in a period of unlimited access to knowledge how little people actually know about this substance they’re quick to…
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