The Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana

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Federal Legalization of Recreational Marijuana
Marijuana is a very controversial drug that spurs a lot of debate as to whether it should be legalized for recreational purposes or not. Most of the states already have legalized marijuana for medical purposes although the federal government prohibits any use of it. Proponents and opponents to this debate each try to argue their side and to show why recreational marijuana should be or should not be legalized but no consensus has been reached due to the complexity of the problem especially resulting from federal and state laws contradictions on the laws pertaining to drug use. Proponents argue that legalizing marijuana would increase revenue, lower burden on law enforcement, increase national security, safeguards individual rights, and make consumption safer. Opponents on the other hand, argue legalizing marijuana would create a gateway for harder drugs like cocaine, emergence of black markets, create new users, cause health problems, and loss of productivity. The issue is thus a headache for the federal and state governments bearing in mind the public support that legalization has been getting over the years. Leaders and mostly governors are at a loss whether to succumb to people’s needs or use their discretion or moral values in deciding whether to support or not. The issue is thus becoming a great concern for law enforcement officers, parents, educators, health care workers, government and the public as…
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