The Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Marriage is defined as a group of approved mating arrangements usually marked by rituals of some sort (the wedding) to indicate the couple’s new public status. The legalization of same sex marriage has been a battle since October 10, 1972 when the supreme court dismissed Baker v. Nelson, a Minnesota case filled by a gay couple seeking to marry, “For want of a substantial federal question”. Same sex marriages sound so new, but when Columbus landed in the Americas, some native American tribes already had same sex marriages. In this paper, it is going to be discussed how the supreme court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide, the Supreme Court established a new civil right and handed gay rights, naming it their biggest victory yet. Married same sex couples will now enjoy the same sex legal rights and benefits as heterosexual couples nationwide. The U.S is now the 21st country to legalize same sex marriage. It is also going to be discussed how attorneys, Mary Bonauto and Doug Hallaward-Dremeier, presented their case before court, arguing that the freedom to marry is a fundamental right for all people and should not be left to popular vote. Same sex marriage will be discussed from different perspectives: historical, religious and cultural point of view, structural, political point of view; and social context, what society thinks about same sex marriage. For most people, marriage has been shaped based on their culture and religion. From a biblical point of view, God

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