The Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage

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Marriage; just another trendy movement that has sparked a shift in political debates or a constitutional tradition that has symbolized the unity of a man and a woman? It has been questioned whether or not this is a constitutional matter that has recently began to revamp due to the incline of divorce rates and the authorization of same sex marriages. Many decades ago, marriage was followed under uncompromising circumstances, many of which were the direct influence of religion. As the decades passed and people were allowed more freedom, many of the customs that were regarded as constitutional underwent alterations that soon questioned its constitutionality. Today, marriage is bent into many forms from the union between two people of the same sex to the marriage of two house pets. However, the biggest issue that has recently shook politics was the legalization of same sex marriage in any part of the country by the Supreme Court. After abiding by the customs of the constitution for many of the past years a situation such as this has raised question on whether these untraditional acts will be considered constitutional or not. However, because the constitution states that every American has the right to happiness and freedom homosexual marriages are in fact just as constitutional as heterosexual before. In a country populated by about 318.9 million people, problem and changes are constant and sometimes irresolvable. Since this is the case, the constitution which was written many

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