The Legalization Of Steroids Should Be Beneficial For The World Of Sport

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Steroids seem to to be having a negative view for much of history. Steroids are drugs used by athletes to become stronger and achieve a strong physique. Steroids are illegal and are strongly discouraged to be used and may be seen first expressed during high school with the introduction of organized sport teams. The perspective against the legalization of steroids believes in the many benefits of legalization. The perspective for the legalization of steroid expresses the harmful effects of steroids. My view of the subject is that I am against the legalization of steroids. The perspective for the legalization of steroids believes in benefits. The article “Performance-Enhancing Drugs Should Be Legalized.” by Stephen Wang focuses on the idea…show more content…
though it 's completely unrealistic at this point in time." Researchers have found a disadvantage for detection of performance-enhancing drugs. Performance-enhancing drug makers develop new undetectable drugs. The final point made by Wang is how legalized PEDs would work. Evidence used by Wang is that there needs to be medical supervision through legalizing performance-enhancing drugs. Much support for legalization is due to the fact that the drugs are unsafe because of the priority to make them undetectable instead of safe. The article “Overhaul of global anti-doping system needed.” by Sharmila Devi focuses on the idea that doping needs to be legalized in order to be used for study. There is the idea of reforming the system. Academics and scientists question how costly the global anti-doping framework is. Some even called for legalization. Many specialists would like to see the system innovated for medical research. However, specialists fear of condoning drugs if they speak publicly on their perspectives. WADA has representatives of public authorities and the Olympic movement. This agency has a list of 300 banned substances which include stimulants, anabolic steroids, and other drugs. Use of these drugs may result in health effects like risk of stroke, heart failure, and kidney damage. Harm may be reduced if some banned substances were allowed after after testing and regulation. Pitsiladis who has been on the committee believes
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