The Legalization of Marijuan Coul Impact Society

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Marijuana Could Impact Society Throughout our history there has been an exhausting amount of controversy over legalizing marijuana. Thankfully, studies are beginning to show that over half of our country is in favor of legalizing marijuana and 78% are in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal uses (Nagourney & Lyman, 2013). Those individuals whom are not for either side sometimes ask, “What are the side effects to using marijuana and what qualities does it have that can help with medicinal uses?” I will, throughout this paper, discuss more in detail answers to these questions. In regards to my research, I predict that decriminalizing marijuana is in the best interest of the society and that it is not an addictive drug that leads to violence. Within this research paper I will discuss marijuana’s history, whether studies have shown that decriminalizing marijuana for medicinal uses or recreational uses does us more harm than good. Lastly, I will discuss how other countries are governing their citizens using marijuana and if we see their system is working or not. To begin, I believe that it is important to look at marijuana’s history. The history of marijuana dates back to the beginning of time, but by the mid 1940’s things changed for users. “Marijuana had been recognized and utilized as a safe, non-addictive, naturally occurring substance that was listed as a viable prescription for the treatment of coughs, insomnia, convulsions, asthma, opiate addiction, pain and

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