The Legalization of Marijuana

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Throughout history, marijuana has been used illegally, for both recreational and medical uses. Recently, marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes, like aiding HIV/AIDs patients, healing migraines and controlling nausea caused by chemotherapy. Today, there are currently 21 American states that have legalized medicinal marijuana including two states that have legalized recreational marijuana. Since December of 2007, the economy has been declining, the unemployment rate has been increasing and the value of money has been inflating. The legalization of marijuana can help solve both medical and economical conflicts.
Medicinal marijuana is not a substance that everybody disapproves of. Eighty one percent of people in America support the idea of legalizing marijuana (Opposing Viewpoints). However, of the 81% of people who approve of marijuana, 51% of them are below the age of 21. As a result of this data, it has been proven that three quarters of the population agree that the use of marijuana should be legalized. 78% of Sports nation agree with the idea of the NFL permitting their players to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. If the NFL would allow players to use marijuana medicinally than there would be fewer suspensions and maybe less time needed to recover from injuries. Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clipper’s says he would endorse marijuana medicinally (Fox…
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