Essay on The Legalization of Marijuana

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A common misconception about the word “drug” is people think it means an illegal substance that can cause someone to act in an irrational manner. In reality a drug is simply something that someone puts into their body that has some kind of physiological effect; therefore, everything from Advil to cocaine is a drug. Most drugs that are legal in the United States are for medicinal purposes, like Tylenol or Ibuprofen. A nationwide exception to this would be tobacco, which is legally used by people over the age eighteen. One drug that has caused a rift in the continuity of twenty different states in addition to the capital of the United States of America is marijuana. One state that initially made marijuana legal for medicinal purposes, but…show more content…
Another issue that is seen with the use of marijuana is the side effects of a person being under the influence, or “high.” When the user of marijuana is “high” they are in a different state of mind than normal and lose some of their judgment and motor functions. This effect does relax the user and puts them in a good mood, but at what cost? In addition there is the issue of the user of marijuana acting out illogically because they are “high.” These issues are mainly present because marijuana is a mind-enhancing drug. It is the abuse and over usage of marijuana that puts concern and question into the minds of those who oppose the legalization of the drug. Marijuana is neither as lethal nor as harmful a drug as cocaine or methamphetamine (meth) by any stretch of the imagination; nevertheless, the use of marijuana is a step towards using these extremely harmful drugs. Marijuana is a gateway drug to the use of cocaine or meth and although users oppose this idea, it cannot be overlooked or forgotten about. A gateway drug is a drug that after using for a decent amount of time the user will eventually begin to look for a more powerful drug. They will look for a more powerful drug to reach a stronger and more exhilarating “high.” Eventually in their search for a stronger drug they will fall subject to the dangers of cocaine or meth, which undoubtedly harm society through numerous different avenues. The largest problem that is faced when dealing with whether marijuana should

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