The Legalization of Medical Marijuana Essay

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Legalization of medical marijuana

The green plant with many names like weed and bud, but more commonly known as Marijuana has been getting a lot of publicity because of the legalization of the plant in Oregon and Colorado for recreational use, yet its not legal for medical use in Ohio. Ohio is considered to be the next big state to legalize marijuana for medical use this november and could be a key state for legalization across the nation.


The oldest recorded date for the plant was in 2727 B.C. by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. During the 17th century, The American government wanted the harvesting of marijuana for the production of clothing and rope. In 1619 the Virginia Assembly passed a law that required every farmer to grow hemp, and was used as legal tender in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania. After the Civil war, Importing goods replaced the purpose for hemp.


In 1910 after the Mexican Revolution ended, Mexican immigrants started to come to america and introduced our culture to the recreational use of marijuana. The plant then became associated with the immigrants and the fear and prejudice started to rise. Anti-drug campaigners started their rally to ban the “Marijuana Menace”. By 1931, more than half of the United States had outlawed the plant. In 1937, after a national propaganda campaign against Marijuana, Congress had passed the Marijuana Tax Act that restricted possession of the drug to individuals who paid large taxes for…