The Legend And The Sky

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Osiris and the Sky; The Legend and the Stars Since the beginning of time, people have looked to the sky for wisdom, guidance, and understanding. The stars have been a source of excitement for billions of years. Mankind has always looked to the stars to understand our world. They have given us a sense of belonging and purpose. Something so remarkable about man’s relationship with the stars are the myths we’ve made to go along with them. To this day, these myths are still used by astronomers to identify stars and constellations and to better understand our skies. It is within these myths that we come face to face with our ancestors and the way they viewed the sky. The Ancient Egyptians were one of the most intelligent and advanced cultures to ever live. Whether it be in engineering, science, language, economics, government, or astronomy, the Ancient Egyptians made huge strides and dominated the ancient world. Astronomy is just one of the many areas the Ancient Egyptians seemed to masterly understand. They made discoveries that were far advanced for their times. Mythology was how they understood these discoveries and their myths are still used to this day. One myth that holds significant importance to the Ancient Egyptians and their culture, and most importantly, astronomy, is the Legend of Osiris. In Norman Ellis’s book Awakening Osiris, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, he translated the Egyptian Book of the Dead. His translation of the Awakening of Osiris is as follows: “Air
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