The Legend Of A Hero's Journey Across The Mountains

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He tied his boat off and started to climb the cliffs. He knew that no one had lived to tell what was behind the cloud, but still he climbed. The reason he kept going was because he had heard of a secret city past the cloud to the very top of the mountain. There people had no problems, no worries, they had nothing, but peace and relaxation of the flourish valley. The man wasn’t sure if the legend was true or not,all he wanted was just wanted peace nothing to care about not even death. For the legend also spoke that if lived in the city the special flora would allow anyone to live forever as long as they stayed in the city. So, he climbed up the mountain the best he could, though he could barely see anything through the cloud that surrounded the mountain. Then when he grabbed the next rock he could find, then he heard a crack after that he realized the rock was about to break. Just then the rock broke off, and he…show more content…
So he started to climb up again, but he then reached something, he found that it was a trail. He decided to follow the odd trail, soon he found out that the trail led up the mountain. Finally he reached the end of the mysterious trail and the end of the mountain. He had finally reached the top, just then a man appeared in front of…show more content…
The man spoke “ my name is Jack white I came here because of the secret city I wanted to see if it exists is this the city”. “Yes it is” spoke the man, “let me show you my home and maybe your new home”. Jack said “thank you for your kindness and I would like to live here in such a peaceful place” and as he spoke these words the fog that spreaded over the mountain started to disappear showing a small village in a calm plain made of wheat glimmering like gold showing 100s living in peace. Each part was everything Jack had ever wanted in his
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