The Legend Of Bagger Vance Analysis

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In The Legend of Bagger Vance by Steven Pressfield, Rannulph Junah, a golfer, finds his swing. Hardy Greaves, the narrator, retells the match between Rannulph Junah, Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen from his point of view to Michael, who is facing conflicts in his own life. The story begins in Savannah, Georgia with Mr. Invergordon, a wealthy Scotsman. He envisions the grandest golf course the South has ever seen and has it built by Alister Mackenzie. A 500-room hotel is also built. However, when the Crash of 1929 hits, Mr. Invergordon’s empire is lost and he cannot take the financial pressure. After, Mr. Invergordon’s suicide, Adele, his socialite daughter, inherits the course. Krewe Island is finally finished almost a year later. Unfortunately,…show more content…
Junah’s game starts out mediocre, but then worsens as the first day continues. Bagger Vance offers him advice and even points out Bobby’s even-tempoed swing and Walter’s erratic one. As the match progresses over the next three days, Bagger Vance shows Junah more and more of “The Field” in order for him to replicate his “Authentic Swing.” Undoubtedly, Junah’s golf game starts to improve. He is soon knocking strokes off of his score easily. Hagen and Jones quickly see that their third opponent is not to be taken lightly. Not long after, Junah shocks the crowd when he calls a penalty on himself for accidentally moving his ball. Only Hardy witnesses this mistake, but Junah knows he cannot lie. At this point, Bagger Vance realizes Junah has mastered his swing and the battle with his “Inner Self.” Leaving Hardy to caddie for Junah, Bagger walks off the course. Junah ends up with a seventy-six for the third round, but drops down to a sixty-six for the final eighteen holes. Hardy finishes the story and decides to drive to the weathered Krewe Island Golf Course to play the only hole remaining in good condition. Michael and Junah’s granddaughter, Irene, also accompany him, bringing the three golf balls Bagger Vance had during the match and Junah’s driver, Schenectady Slim. Somehow, Bagger Vance mysteriously appears and is there to hit golf balls with the trio on
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