The Legend Of Chun Hyang

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Comics, since their conception, have been seen as an immature media that is strictly pop culture without the ability to pass substantive messages. However, the quantities of people who read and share comic books provide open pathway to idea sharing. The Legend of Chun Hyang I is an example of this cultural messaging through this medium. Written in 1992, as Asian cultures were joining the globalizing world, this manga represented cultural hybridity as a Korean folktale being represented by a Japanese company. The storyline is relatable for young girls who want to be independent no matter which country they are from. Chun Hyang as a character in the work is not close to the actual Korean storyline. However, she is closer to the ideal manga heroine who is pretty but brave, and independent but in love. Chun Hyang represents the move towards a more universal 'Asian ' feeling and closeness between the Japanese and Korean pop cultures. Chun Hyang is the story of a young girl who grows up without a father, her mother is a famous medicine woman. Chun Hyang, the main character, is a independent and strong willed young lady who fights back against the oppressive town head or Yang Ban. Chung Hyang meets a young man named Mong Ryong who ends up falling in love with her. After the Yang Ban kidnapped her, Chun Hyang 's mother killed herself to protect herself and her daughter. Chun Hyang avenges her mothers death with the help of Mong Ryong as the Am-Hang-Osa, the highest ruler in the

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