The Legend Of Colton H. Bryant By Alexandra Fuller

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Place and Identity Essay Throughout human history people have searched for individual identity whether it is by expanding west, or by living off the land, and there are countless other examples of how the place we live has shaped us and vice versa. However, a critical question that must be examined is whether we, as humans, shape the landscape to fit societal norms or is it the other way around; Is it the case that through the values that it imposes on us? With this question in mind, place has an important role in shaping the stories that are written, and as a result, to a moderate degree does place shape not only human character but characters in stories as well. The Legend of Colton H. Bryant written by Alexandra Fuller is a clear example of how in writing the effect that setting has on characters is evident. On the first page of The Legend of Colton H. Bryant Fuller writes “this is the story of Colton H. Bryant and the land that shaped him” (Fuller, 3). This quote clearly demonstrates how the author believed place shapes a character in a story. Colton loved to be outdoors with his best friend Jake going fishing, camping, hunting, and chasing rodeos that his friend Cody was in. This is an example of how place shapes character because Colton grew up in Evanston, Wyoming and this influenced his love of the outdoors. Had Colton not grown up in the west, the activities that he would have pursued would have been quite different from hunting, fishing, and camping. Another

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