The Legend Of Founding Of The Kingdom Of Asterialune

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This is a tale from a distant past. The legend of founding of the Kingdom of Asterialune. Asterialune is where you will find desire and hatred, divided into seven territories. Where you are standing on the shore of they’re unique ocean, the waters stretches far as you can see, to the horizon. It changes color with the light and the color of the sky, from green to blue to gray. And then, in twilight, you cannot tell the ocean from the sky. Ripples and waves unceasingly flow toward you, eventually break into foam, creep up to your feet and slide back. The ocean makes a sound like water surging and retreating. There is a scent of the salt water in the air, a smell like no other. This is where mermaids, aquatic animals, water
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The mountains at a distance and rising hills before us. Those are the fairies, elves, dwarves, little people and other earthy mythological creatures. The two unlike territories the heaven and the underworld. In the heaven, all tranquil dissimilar animals together, beautiful pale skin with feathery pure wings roaming around the thick covering the bare sky with it 's wings like it 's never been wings, but a conquering soul travelling across the blue sky. Then, the underworld, full of thick vapors consuming your sight and prickly thorns on the dark path.

Lastly, a land where humans like us live. Farming, sewing, writing, painting, selling goods and little kids cycling or running through the streets. All of these territories united all together, no matter what. Until chaos strikes like a meteor and all the union was burned into ashes.

Long ago, the queen of the celestial gave birth to fraternal twins. Two of them have symbolic birthmarks. Symbolizing the day and the night. The first-born was a girl with a quarter silver sand color hair that glistens like the moon and dark purple eyes like the shade of the night sky. Her blue birthmark was on her right shoulder, a crescent of a moon. The other girl has her hair the shades of the sunlight and eyes like a pink tourmaline gem. The yellow birthmark was on her left shoulder, a crescent of a sun. They’re most of their personalities were different and are like their symbols.

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