The Legend Of King Arthur

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King Arthur King Arthur was one of Britain’s and Wale’s most influential literary figures from the early 800’s. Through the ages more caught on to these Arthurian Legends, and they began to embrace them as part of their culture. Some believe that he is only a legend, yet others believe that there is even an Arthur living among us today. While growing up, Arthur was oblivious to his heritage. From becoming a King at the age of 16, Arthur showed courage and strength in the darkest of times. This is why King Arthur, a mythological legend, was a brave warrior and man at heart whose betrayal and death influenced today’s society through literature, art, and even on screen productions.
There are many legends of King Arthur’s life, yet there is little knowledge of his childhood. Although Arthur was a king, he did not have the same upbringing as most noblemen and women. His father,
“A warrior King named Uther Pendragon the ruler of Britain. With magical help from his advisor, Merlin the Enchanter, King Uther tricked his rival’s wife Igraine and conceived Arthur at Tintagel Castle. As part of the bargain with Uther, Merlin then took the infant Arthur away from Tintagel, to the house of Sir Ector, where he was brought up as a foster son, ignorant of his heritage. (“Legend of King Arthur")
When he was about 16, a sword appeared in a stone. Hearing the news, Arthur went along with his Foster brother, Kay, to England to see this magnificent sword and try to remove it. This…
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