The Legend Of Mulan By Mulan

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The Legend of Mulan
Mulan was a legendary warrior, who disguises herself as a man to fight during the Southern and Northern Dynasties (386-589).1 China was separated into North and South. Where North China was under the control of the Tuoba Clan, a Mongol people not of Han descent.2 While the Southern Kingdom was under the control of the Chinese people.3 It was during these time the legend of Mulan can be interpreted in many different many ways across history. The earliest record is the “Poem of Mulan” and “Song of Mulan”, who both referenced the heroine in the times of the Northern Wei period (386-533). 4 These poems described Mulan as a heroine who disguise as a man to go fight in a war in the North. A further descriptive tale of
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To make matters worse, the younger brother is not even at the age of fourteen yet. That only leaves the mother, Mulan and her sister to take care of the family if the father leaves for war. Feeling a strong sense of loyalty and love for her family, Mulan persuade her family to let her go into military service. She was able to fit into her father’s armor and successfully disguise herself as a man and rode off to war. Along her trip to the nearest army base, Mulan was attacked and bullied by other draftees. She was aided by another draftee by the name Liu Yuandu, who helped Mulan beat up the harassers. Thus the two begin their friendship and ride off together to the reporting station in Yan’an.
Time passes, and by Act 4, we see Mulan as a Commandment officer on the front line fighting the nomads from the North. She is described to be a successful warrior. As one of the troops described her: “We’re already been at the border… it has already been three years. There hasn’t been a single achievement. Now take a look at that Hua. We all joined the army together. He moved up in rank among coming. I think he’ll soon be promoted to chief
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