The Legend Of The Farmer Chapter 3 Summary

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Once upon a time there was a farmer and his three sons. Also, there was a king who wanted the princess to laugh. One day, the farmer made the three sons go to the farm to collect some garbage.
In the forest the oldest son found a bottle of soda and a bunch of eaten apples lying on the floor. The second son found bags of chips and a container. Finally, the youngest son, Pepe found a chicken that was lost on the farm. So, he took the chicken to his house, Drinkwater (Drinkwater is a tavern name). When farmer got back to check his results for the day and the farmer was confused because Pepe brought a chicken. The Farmer said, “A chicken! Didn’t I say to pick up the garbage?” Pepe said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Farmer, but the chicken was alone in the farm.”
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During the time when the chicken was getting cared for, something unexpected happened, “The CHICKEN! He laid an egg, what, it’s a golden egg!” said Pepe. “Oh my gosh!” said the Farmer and family. After it happened, the family was extremely confused how the chicken could have laid the egg. But, the farmer didn’t like the situation because he wanted to keep the chicken safe. He said, “Ok guys you have to keep this as a secret because if we tell the world that there is a chicken that lays a golden egg, the chicken will be in danger! Also, Pepe don’t go the village because the chicken only follows you.”
A few days later, when Pepe was lonely he decided to go to a festival because he hadn’t gone to the village in a while. In the street of the village, a festival begun. Everyone was drinking and some people were doing a contest. The almighty king was also there, and everyone in the village was respecting that he was there. Now, the funniest contest begun and contestants made all sorts of jokes and stuff. But, Pepe was really funny so, he went to the finals. He said, “Hello, Mr. Smiley Face You are going to get owned by a
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