The Legend Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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There once was a dragon named Tony, his pals called him little T. This was a joke though, because little T was the roundest dragon around. There was barely anything little about him. He had little stumpy legs and a tiny tail. His eyes shone fireball red and his scales were a glistening pink. According to all known laws of aviation in his land, there was no way a dragon this fat should be able to fly. Despite this, little T was on an adventure. His adventure had led him around the continent, to and from cities and dungeons. He had encountered many other explorers too, though they tended to attempt to fight him. Not many survived though, because little T was quite clumsy with his feet and had allergies(when a dragon sneezes there 's a lot…show more content…
Life was boring and dull for little T. He missed the open road and the new faces that adventuring offered him. Yet there was nowhere to go, the only way was up. He couldn’t go up. Little T continued to stay at this village for months until he finally snapped. He was sick of the boring nothingness that happened there. He wanted to be free and constantly experiencing new things. And so, little T gathered his things, let out a despairing and impatient roar to the clouds, and started running. Even through his overwhelming emotions, little T found amusement in what he probably looked like at that moment. He must’ve looked hilarious bumbling along, his feet skimming the ground, his tiny tail whipping the air. A fat pink dragon running, this would give the old dragons amusement for sure. That thought was in the back of his mind though. As he neared the chasm he extended his wings, the thin membranes pale from never using them. 10 feet from the edge, little T wanted to move forward 5 feet from the edge, little T needed to move forward 2 feet from the edge, little T needed to overcome this. 1 step from the edge, little T held a flicker of fear in his heart as he jumped with his eyes closed. Little T didn’t experience a falling sensation as he had momentarily expected before he jumped, instead he felt the wind streaming past him. Then he opened his eyes and began
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