The Legend Of The Old Wonder Woman Live Action Television

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The first image that comes to my mind when I think of the Amazons is a scene from the old Wonder Woman live action television series from the 70s; where beautiful women run across a beach wearing dresses that look like short, flimsy nightgowns of different colors on the Paradise Island (their version of Themyscira, the home of the amazons). While their portrayals in popular media have perhaps been lacking in some aspects. The real Amazons were women known throughout the known world as being unparalleled in the art of warfare. However, as the years have gone by, the knowledge of their existence and the belief in the idea of them as a fact instead of a myth has slowly started to disappear. Though some are skeptical, the evidence behind…show more content…
The Scythians were a collection of nomadic tribes who wandered throughout the land that the Greeks called Scythia, which consisted of “ a vast expanse between the Black Sea and Mongolia” (source). These people roamed these territories from “the seventh century B.C. until the fifth century A.D” (source). In the previous paragraph I spoke about an archaeological site, it was at this same location that a woman was also found with a quiver holding around forty arrows and an iron dagger at her side. Out of all the graves found at the dig site, about one out of three of the skeletons, were discovered to be female with wounds that hinted at a past that included many battles. All in all, the archeologists found out of one hundred and fifty tombs, around three hundred female skeletons that belonged to warrior women with some even being as young as ten years old [source]. However, three years ago new evidence was discovered, its whereabouts was in an Etruscan tomb located in Tuscany, Italy. It was in this tomb that a woman 's skeleton was found who bore a strong resemblance to amazon 's described in Virgil’s Camilla. Around halfway through Virgil’s tale, Camilla, daughter of the banished king of some unnamed city-state, is fighting through the carnage. Alongside her are her female troops who, along with Camilla are ” explicitly described as Amazon-like: at medias inter caedes exsultat

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