The Legend Of The Sleepy Hollow

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Washington Irving became the first American writer of the nineteenth century to achieve an international literary reputation .One of his greatest tales is “The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow” is set in a village on the Hudson River (Tarry Town), in which the author created two important characters throughout the story. Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones compete against each other in order to get a woman’s hand in marriage. Although they both want the same girl does not mean that they share more in common. The author compare and contrast both of the characters by describing their appearance, roles and their unique goal of get the girl, in order to let the readers know more about them. Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones are different in many ways. The first sign that the author gives the audience is by describing their physical appearance. According to the writer, Ichabod is “tall but extremely thin with narrow shoulders following by long arms and legs that dangle out of his sleeves and his feet are so large that could be served as shovels (in short, as if his body had remained united, strangely, in all its parts).” He is also described with a “small head and flat at the top with huge ears, large green glassy eyes and a long snipe nose, perched upon his spindle neck to tell which way the wind blew.” His appearance is funny and abnormal leaving a profound impression in the reader’s attention. In the other hand the other guy in the story called Abraham Van Brunt (better known as Brom Bones)

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