The Legend of Hua Mulan

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The legend states that Hua Mulan lived during the Northern Wei dynasty. She is a mythical figure from ancient China portrayed in the Chinese poem, Ballad of Mulan. Though both princess warrior show and movie, The Legend of Hua Mulan and Disney’s Mulan have different character personalities and reasons of going to war. The Legend of Hua Mulan is straightforward and seeks to depict Mulan as a warrior. Disney’s Mulan, however, depicts Mulan as trying to prove her parents wrong and bring home a man as in all Disney movies. This shows that Hua Mulan is a better role to girls that Disney’s Mulan. As The Legend of Hua Mulan depicts a girl going to war in place of her father, the Disney Mulan introduces Mulan as a disappointment to the parents,…show more content…
This proves that she has the confidence in herself to fight for her country. Hua Mulan portrays herself as one who can complete any task and one who shows responsibility. Despite this, Disney’s Mulan does not fit into the combat society because of her personality. She does not have as many advantages as Wei Mulan because she is fighting for redemption. Even though she is fighting for a reason, she is able to prove herself by completing the task as well as bringing home a man. While both Mulan’s have an exceptional reason for going to war, Wei Mulan’s life in the army and way of revealing herself is superior to the way Disney Mulan reveals herself and lives in the army; Hua Mulan’s way in war is looked up to by young girls. As depicted, Disney’s Mulan basically “fails” her training with the help of her sidekick, Mushu, and is about to be sent back, but like all Disney movies, she convinces Captain Li Shang to let her stay and prove herself to be strong. On the other hand, Wei Mulan is succeeds in her task and is given an important task of capturing the leopard skin. This shows the difference in personalities and relates to the point that the differing traits make a difference in the outcome. Also, to earn herself the title of hero, Disney’s Mulan fires the last cannon at the mountain, which causes an avalanche. Captain Li is somehow engulfed in the avalanche and Mulan “saves the day” by rescuing him. On the contrary, in The Legend

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