The Legend of The Chupacabra

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I have decided to do my thrid quarter project on “El Chupacabra”. El Chupacabra is a myth or legend centered from Puerto Rico. I have grown much interest in this folktale. The mysterious and puzzling creature brings great interest to me. I’m eager to learn more about the Chupacabra. So with interest I believe this topic would be the correct choice for me. It is believed that the Chupacabra would suck the blood out of chickens and mostly goats leaving an insightful wound right at the neck. Legend says that El Chupacabra would hypnotize its prey leaving the animal in complete disbelief. With no squeal from the livestock, farmers would wake the next morning in confusion. In the 1990’s, goats and chickens started disappearing suddenly. Local farmers would ponder the thought of losing their stock.“El Chupacabra” is also referred as “goat sucker” in translation to Spanish (Animal Planet). While the Chupacabra started in Puerto Rico, they have migrated moving to Mexico,Chile, Brazil, and into the United states like Florida, Michigan, Maine, and very oddly Oregon (Animal Planet). To have spread out to that extent, to me, is very odd. While the Chupacabra is fairly new to us, it does date back to the 1970’s. In the 1970’s legend says in the city of Moca, Puerto Rico there was a so called vampire (Sheppard Software). They were also referred to as “livestock- Predators”. Whether you believe it or not the Chupacabra reports of clean bloodless attacks remain. How? Where? There was

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