The Legend of the Woodsmen in Eerie Grove

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Few people used to believe in the legend of the Woodsmen. People only began believing once townsfolk began disappearing in the night. The story begins in 1864 with a settler family, named Lurch, buying land in a forest too old to have a name, only fearfully being called Twisted Tree Thicket by people living nearby. The Lurch family never believed in ghosts, spirits, zombies, or any other manner of supernatural nonsense. What they did believe in, however, was the surprisingly small price asked for the land. After a long, dangerous trip across the country, the Lurch family’s small wooden wagon finally arrived in a small ramshackle town known as Butcher Creek. The head of the family, Markus, walked into the town’s realtor’s office, to find a small, greyish man sitting behind a large wooden desk, with his head leaning limply to the side. Worried that the ancient man might have died, Markus shook his shoulder, only to be greeted with a terrified wail and shouts about monsters from the realtor, Mr. Haerm. “You must be crazy, Mr. Lurch. Ain’t nobody ‘round here’ll dare step foot into Twisted Tree Thicket.” Mr. Haerm said to Markus after finalizing all of the transactions. With deed in hand, Markus set off back to where he left his wagon, unaware of having made the biggest mistake of his life. On his way back to his wagon, Markus kept hearing snippets of conversation, about himself and his purchase of the forest, mostly. Markus didn't see what

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