The Legendary Dolly Parton

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Without a doubt there is one major performer that certainly stands out within our pop culture world. The name of this very famous American icon is, Dolly Parton. Dolly has surpassed any rags to riches story that ever lived. She has touched the lives of so many individuals over many decades through her many talents. Dolly started her career at a very young age and continued fulfilling her life endeavors through country music, pop music, and even acting. This American icon didn’t stop with just her talents, she also gave back to our society through charity, fundraising, and establishing her own theme park. Dolly Parton was brought up in a very poor family, however through much dedication she became the famous icon everyone idolized today.…show more content…
Dolly is one of the few entertainers that will follow a song from start to finish being the songwriter, the singer, and producing the songs for album production. Dolly’s audience expanded even further when she took her talents to television and film. It didn’t take long to see that she also had an overwhelming gift for acting. Through having her own variety show and appearing on television specials, even more people began to love her vivacious personality. She was able to capture more hearts in the entertainment world because of her loving character. Dolly starred in many movies throughout her career as well as being a voice in many animated films. She has written and sang many of the songs that are played during films. Once again this wasn’t near enough for this already very famous American pop culture icon, she then becomes co-owner of Sandollar Productions (Biography). This film and television production company gave her even greater opportunity for showing how talented she is through starring in even bigger films. Dolly has taken her film career to the highest level just as she has done with her singing career. She is not only seen in movies as an actress, she allows her audience to hear her beautiful voice of songs during movies as well as producing movies. Dolly’s personal appearance is something that she puts a lot of pride into. She pulls everything perfectly together, all the way from the red nail polish, red lipstick, heavy make-up,

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