The Legendary Lebron James

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Lebron grew up without a father and moved from house to house, but now he is one of the most successful men in the world. On April 4, 2014 Lebron is the youngest player ever to reach 23,000 career points in the National Basketball Association (NBA), beating Michael, Kareem, and Kobe to this amazing achievement Lebron still thanks his mother for what she fought through to get him to where he is at now. Gloria James was only 16 at the time she had Lebron, and Lebrons biological father, Anthony McClelland was an ex-convict uninterested in being a parent, and he left Gloria to raise Lebron by herself. This is why Lebron uses his mothers maiden name and not his father’s last name. Gloria had many personal problems and had trouble keeping a steady job. Gloria tried to give Lebron a good life she just had struggles doing it. Gloria tried to give Lebron everything she could, at a young age Lebron loved sports so she bought him a miniature basketball hoop. Lebron James struggled at school, and at making friends because he was embarrassed about his home life; Lebron found a way to get away from his home life with basketball and football. Lebron showed magnificent skills in basketball and football at an early age. Lebron was a freak athlete in middle school. His football coach saw he had been missing…
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