The Legends Of Gargoyle. Gargoyle

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The legends of gargoyle Gargoyle is a place that lies deep in to the earth’s core but not all the way down but just close. The place is very hot so the rocks melted and created these rock guardians that love the hot weather. They love to destroy and crush and they created something that no one would ever imagine. Their own little world that looks so cool because they have lava fountains. The Rock Guardians were so lonely that they created 4,509 creatures like them by putting the rocks in the lava fountain. To celebrate them being alive they made their own day called “destroy em day” and they have to be in a match against another person like them. So the 1st year had past and the population dropped down to 2,304 which is from the…show more content…
That is very bad to humans because at this point they are very terrified of these brute full creatures. These beasts would take down an army. The humans actually called the army telling them that this would be known as World War 3. Now the war had begun and there were buildings falling down and people getting crushed inside and out. These monsters were terrified of only one thing and that is water, but the thing is nobody knew that for now. “Why” you would ask, because since there made of lava the only thing that could cool it down is water. We all know people are terrified enough with these monsters being on their planet so now they would bring their big humongous battle ship to take and wipe out all the buildings and people. Well these monsters just wanted to know what it had looked like above there little world because their world wasn’t all that amusing to them. They saw rollercoasters and parks, kids, and people just being happy. In their underground world the only thing they had seen was destruction. They wanted to take over their world so they could make it into their own little world and the people would have to live underground forever. The monsters started crushing everything in their path even there big tanks that were blasting at them, which must have really hurted. They did not do a thing to that hideous beast. These guys were unstoppable and no one could get in there way,
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