The Legitimacy And Global Governance

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The legitimacy and importance of institutions in global governance is a highly contested topic, among which many question the existence of international institutions. To suggest that institutions in global governance do not matter, is to suggest that the majority of countries have the willingness to co-operate, the ability to solve disputes and to organise themselves to ensure problems are dealt with effectively without the pressure of an outside body – which has been proven to be ineffective . This essay will examine how institutions matter and are important in global governance, through examining a realist views, using Waltz concepts of insecurity and global governance. It will examine how global institutions can promote peace and…show more content…
These are important because in the international realm, there is always insecurity and a lack of trust between states; they can never be certain that there are no threats from other states and therefore there is always the risk that a war may commence. This is particularly a problem as pluralism exists among states, therefore there are different views and aims, which inevitably cause disagreements. There is essentially an anarchic condition, where there is no global government to enforce punishment or control disputes and in turn there is a constant security dilemma . Institutions, such as the UN, create a forum where different states issues can be discussed and the institution can act as a mediator to create an appropriate response and plan, in order to deal with the issues. A prime example of how where institutions this and may have been beneficial is World War One and World War Two, of which the United Nations arose. This shows that states were aware of the dangers and risks of war that an anarchic system had, and wanted an international institution to help prevent problems such as these occurring again . Not to suggest that global institutions create world peace, but they can put pressure on certain states, help solve arguments and controls disputes, to decrease the chances of escalation of war. Had
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