The Leisure Time Of Adolescents

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Introduction Leisure is the free time that typically is used for enjoyment. As an individual grows their interests change, their routines change, and the way they spend free time changes. As a child, much of their lives consist of free time, and as an adult if you have free time it is typically minimal and spent doing sedentary acts like watching TV. What varies the most is the leisure time of adolescents. This is the time when they start to gain a sense of self and begin a journey to find their interests and it is typically what teens will spend time doing. The focus to see how the area they live in, either rural or urban effects their lives and their leisure time.
Rural and urban areas have different availabilities for what there is to do when one has free time. One cannot go driving around on muddy trails on a four-wheeler in a city where an individual who lives in the country has more likely of a chance of that being an option. How adolescents spend their time is much different from adults and children, but as a teen, they are still on a search for their identity and the most exploration is done in and around an adolescent period. A study that was conducted in Australia focused on teens and how leisure effects their self-esteem and satisfaction. Winsome Rose Gordon and Marie Louise Caltabiano (1996) took note of the leisure types that adolescents engaged in from two separate towns. One type was a relaxed leisure that consisted of eating, sleeping,
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