The Lemon Orchard

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The Lemon Orchard character analysis The Lemon Orchard by La Guma expresses the clashes of the characters personalities throughout the short story. The main characters that are shown within the story are the African man, the leader, the man who was carrying the lantern, and two other men that followed. The leader of the group is presented to be the most dominant compared to the other men. 'He was a big man and wore khaki trousers and laced-up riding boots, and an old shooting jacket with leather patches on the right breast and the elbows. ' The simple use of adjectives that are used such as 'big ' reinforces his size to the reader. The old shooting jacket and leather patches gives the reader an idea of his age and what type of class…show more content…
The writer has used a variety of simple adjectives such as, 'darkness, silence, sThe author of the Lemon Orchard has shown the leader of the gang to be a very large and intimidating character. He is the dominant figure of the story. In this passage the author has used words such as 'big ', 'laced up ' and 'old shooting jacket ' to show the personality of the leader 's character. The simple adjective, big, shows that he is a very intimidating character whilst laced up and old shooting jacket tells the audience that he is uptight and frightening. The quote, 'The shotgun was loaded ' tells us that he is a very organized person and it also shows that he has killed a colored person before. This quote can also give the reader a clue to what happens at the end of this unfinished story. It is saying that in the end the black man is murdered by the leader because it shows that he has done this before. 'In the dark this man 's face was invisible except for a blur of shadowed hollows and lighter crags. ' This quote shows the audience that he is not a friendly character and he is almost emotionless about the situation. This can also say that he was brought up believing that the white race is superior to the black race. The words 'shadowed hollows ' are describing the shape of his face. The hollows on this face are a part of his personality. The hollows are his deep emotional thoughts that he is hiding away from the rest of society. It
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