The Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual People Coming Out

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My topic is about the Lesbian, Gay, and bisexual people coming out. It is about the LBG identifying their sexual the coming-out process. The most difficult time for them are to come out show people who they truly are. Coming out to the world is not that easy for them. They need to be very brave to face the new challenges. For ethical/racial LGB, coming out process is very hard due to their cultural factors. There are 145 LGB youth are examined in the Ethical/racial differences. Coming out is the big process due to their culture and family these people will no come our easily. Some black youth were reported that they were few black youth who got involved in gay social activities. These people are reported as a less comforted with others identities, then the white people. Also, for the Latinos people they disclosed to less people than the white youths do.
In this research paper they are analyzing the change that indicated the black youth has greater increases in positive towards the homosexuality and their sexual identity over time than the white youths The articles is the hypothesis the cultural aspect do not delay the structure of identity but may be late to identifying themselves. I choose this topic because I have seen a lot of conflicts with people who have to come out. I have even seen some of the video when coming out to their parents its does not look easy at all. I have seen a lot of documentary’s about them the process they go though is very hard especially, if…
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