The Lesbian, Gay, And Bisexual People Coming Out

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My topic is about the Lesbian, Gay, and bisexual people coming out. It is about the LBG identifying their sexual the coming-out process. The most difficult time for them are to come out show people who they truly are. Coming out to the world is not that easy for them. They need to be very brave to face the new challenges. For ethical/racial LGB, coming out process is very hard due to their cultural factors. There are 145 LGB youth are examined in the Ethical/racial differences. Coming out is the big process due to their culture and family these people will no come our easily. Some black youth were reported that they were few black youth who got involved in gay social activities. These people are reported as a less comforted with others…show more content…
Also, for those that culture is everything for them. It is an important topic because this topic it is the big trend that is going right now. I always wanted to know what it is life to come out. After coming out how people life style changed in psychologically. This is the great topic where I can learn about these people and about their behaviors too. Some researcher are arguing about having the cultural pressure effecting their life like how family is important, their religious values they won’t come out easily. Some researcher said that the white LBG lead the ethical/racial individually to distance them. However, it affects all the cultures by pressuring against the homosexuality and ethical/racial. Researcher has a different question what are their positive attitudes toward homosexuality? Other questions are about what you think about sex, do you think of yourself a lesbian/gay, bisexual, or straight? The other interesting questions were about how certain are you being bisexual at this point? And how confortable is you with you lesbian/gay side? There were quite few questions they asked but these are most interesting one. I think they gave some clues by asking about their age and there first erotically attraction to or their first fantasized about were they aroused by erotica focusing on the same sex. The youth “really thought” that they were LGB. They trying to fill in the youth their ages were male and females’ ages
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