The Lesser of Two Evils

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Lesser of Two Evils When I was a child my mother would always tell me do not tell a lie or else I would get in trouble. Of course, I acted like I was listening but I really was not. So, one day I really wanted to go to a party so I asked my mother if I could go. Of course her answer was “no, you cannot go because you are entirely too young and it is not safe.” Though she said no, I was not just going to accept that final answer so I devised a plan. I asked my mother if I could sleep over my friends Dwayne house on the night of the party. After a lot of unrelenting nagging my mother finally gave in and said yes. However this as only half of my plan. The other half of the plan was up to Dwayne. He had to get his mom to agree to let him sleep over my house without worrying about it. After two days his mom finally gave in and gave Dwayne permission to sleep over my house that Friday. The rest was easy now all we had to do was leave with a change of clothes and head to the party. For a while the plan worked we went to our first college party at the University of Miami and were having the times of our lives as fourteen year olds. However of course something went wrong. Dwayne forgot his phone home and it all went downhill from there. His mother called my phone to tell him that, but I could not pick up because the party was too loud to hear anything. Once she could not reach me she called my mom asking “where is Dwayne?” My mom replied “what do you mean where is Dwayne are they
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