The Lesson And Orientation In The Lesson, By Toni Cade Bambara

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Literary Analysis of the Lesson & Orientation In “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara, the underlying theme is education, where the provision of learning and understanding occurs outside the typical classroom environment. It is important to note that the most striking thingabout Ms. Moore is her superlative academic achievement, making her stand out from other women in the community. The lady is so supportive of education that she offers to give the children a practical lesson, contrary to their specifications. Summer season is known for holidays, which is not the case for the group of children dragged into the central business district (Bambara 1). It is this condition that allows her to educate the children and improve their…show more content…
The protagonist was so motivated to teach the children such that she accompanied the students even when school was out of session. Sylvia is the antagonist in this story, owing to the way in which the youngster differentiated her values from Ms. Moore's. Sylvia used her interaction skills to sway the group's attention away from the teacher, particularly at the endof the story when she slipped out of the group in search of chocolate (Bambara 6). To add salt to injury, Sylvia wasted no time in returning the lion's share of Ms. Moore's money, seeing the opportunity to buy chocolates and other confectionary. The exposition of the story lies in the rising wave of inequality, especially among African-American communities. The rising action in the story is when the children get busy ogling at the expensive toys on display, which builds the tension associated with poverty. Alternatively, the story's climax is when thestudents realize the moral of the lesson, which is economic inequality within urbanareas. The falling action occurs when Sylvia and Sugar tear away from the group in search of the ill-gained confectionary. The denouement of the story is when the children realize the value of money and its impact on society. Such a scene is present when the children began thinking of different ways the exorbitant prices could change their lives, such as

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