The Lesson Behind The Salem Witch Trials

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The Lesson Behind the Trials

Throughout our lives we learn many lessons but the most

important lessons we learn come from our past. And with those

lessons, they can hold tragic or splendid meanings behind them. A

major event that happened in history was the Salem witch trials.

The witch trials teach us an important lesson about the fear and

prejudice that we faced back till nowadays. With this in mind I’ll

elaborate in details.

Causes of the trials

First and foremost the causes of the trials is said to come

from the harsh reality of the puritan’s lifestyle. The puritans were

said to be very religious and they were against most of what the

world had to offer. “These strong beliefs in witches and witchcraft

were brought
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there is a hypothesis that is close to solving the behaviors exhibited

during the trails that the accusers were suffering from. “the author

focuses on the symptoms of the victims in the Salem witch trials

and then attempts to draw parallels between the residents of Salem

and those suffering from encephalitis lethargica during an

Liguez 4

epidemic that occurred between 1916 and 1930” (“H-Net

Reviews”). If a disease caused this whole mess then why didn’t the

doctors understand the symptoms? Whatever the case may be I am

certain that we don’t fully understand things until it gets to a point

where blood has to be shed in order for us to realize the wrong we


In short the witch trials taught us the true fear and prejudice

that lie within each and every one of us. I believe that people want

to believe in the good within everyone but they don’t realize

peoples’ true colors until it’s too late. Nonetheless, our past helps

define us and stops us from making the same mistakes over again

but sometimes we heed the warnings and instead continue to

assume what we are doing is for the greater when in reality it just

leads us to our
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