The Lesson By Toni Cade Bambara

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The Lesson: Summary/Response In the story "The Lesson," author Toni Cade Bambara shows us a view of life from a black girl who lives in a poverty-stricken community just outside of New York City. In the story, there is a teacher whom takes the responsibility of teaching Sylvia and her friend group important lessons not only for a better education but to better understand life in its entirety. I believe the story is used as a tool to teach others about the lack of education in our nation in the seventies and how with knowledge we can make something of ourselves. In this piece of writing, there is a group of neighborhood kids who do not have the best grammar or intelligence levels. Their names are Flyboy, Fat Butt, Rosie, Mercedes, and QT…show more content…
Schwarz” where they seem overwhelmed by the expensive toys and even by a white woman wearing a fur coat during summer; the children develop the general opinion that the “white folks crazy” (Bambara). Browsing through the different toys and their prices make Sylvia a bit jealous and angry. She knows that she cannot afford them and gets mad at Miss Moore for bringing the class to the toy store. The trip to F.A. O. Schwarz was needed because she was teaching them the main lesson of the story.
Bambara successfully uses the plot, characters, and symbols to express the theme that people can break free of their social classes. Sylvia, the narrator of the story, is the group’s leader. She is used to overseeing what her group of her friends think and do. Sylvia resents the presence of Miss Moore in her life. Miss Moore is an adult and therefore she has more authority. She also has an education and some ideas that may change things in Sylvia 's life. Judging Sylvia’s character, she doesn’t seem to be someone who adapts to change well. We see this when she is taken out of her normal environment and begins acting backward.
Miss Moore tries to teach the children that there is a better life out there for them, they just have to take the initiative to get themselves there. The parents realized that an education is vital for their children, however they don’t always succeed at meeting their own duties as parents. Miss Moore makes it her duty to show these kids what a

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