The Lesson I Learned My Lesson

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Here is a time where I’ve learned my lesson. I was like a mini Dora the Explorer except, I was a brat. I was so picky, such a princess, I got myself in trouble every day, I’d make everyone so stressed out. I was your worst nightmare disguised as Dora the Explorer. I usually would like things my way, and my way only. I felt if I was the who was always right and I was the smartmouth. I was the definition of a brat. So, let me give background on how annoying I was. Sometimes I’d bark. I had this habit of barking under furniture. For example, let’s take a dining table, a fort, chairs, and even in cabinets. It was a very odd habit but it was how I got attention and showed my anger. I would bark as loud as my voice can roar. And every single time I did, was every single time I got hung upside down and swung. My brother was in charge of teaching me lessons, and lessons I didn’t want to receive. Since I did actions he didn’t want me to do and that I didn’t like, he did the same. And he would do this everyday because I would constantly irritate him. It seemed as if I could never care anymore, because I actually had no idea why he would teach me lessons. Like I said, I felt if I was always right and things had to go my way. If they didn’t I’d throw temper tantrums. It was bad. I would throw things. I would hurt myself, try to hurt the opposing person who disagreed with my way. I use to barely eat, it was unhealthy. I usually ate an orange and a bag of chips a day. I was force fed
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