The Lesson Plan For The Above Grade Level Students

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Like with any lesson plan created, there comes some challenge. These challenges arose when I was differentiating the lesson plan for the above and below grade level students. When I was differentiating, I was really concerned that the students would notice the difference between the procedures for the different leveled students. For my above grade level student, I was worried that the student would not be able to create his/her own sentences about the Texas symbols. But then I thought of how create the students are and they are fully capable of creating their own sentences. When I was differentiating for my below grade level student, I was trying to think of how they can still write about the symbols. I figured that I could have pre written sentences in traceable letters that way they can still write, but this is one step easier for them, which is on their grade level. I am not worried about other students noticing, because they will all be writing sentences about the symbols. I chose these differentiation approaches because they are just below grade level and above. They will not be too easy or too hard for the students. I also chose them because they are all basically the same activity as the lesson plan activities. I did not want anything to be noticeably different for the students; I wanted the students to generally be doing the same thing throughout the activity. I am also aware of my below and above students’ strengths and weaknesses so this was a big factor when
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