The Letter Apology Of The Stolen Generations By Kevin Rudd

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The 2008 apology to the Stolen Generations by Kevin Rudd is historically significant for a number of reasons (Creative Spirits, 2014). Some felt it provided closure to a painful and traumatic part of Indigenous history while others fail to see how the apology has in the years after proven to change the circumstances of Indigenous peoples. Impacts in areas such as health, education, economic opportunity and involvement in child protection and/or the criminal justice system are all areas which should have been impacted by the Apology (Creative Spitis, 2014). However; as this essay will explore very little impact has been made in any of these areas in actual fact in some ways the gap has been made wider or perpetuated by acts of government.

The Apology was a significant historical event but it is important to explain why it happened before examining the affects it has had on the Indigenous community and wider Australia (Creative Spirits, 2014). The Apology was more then just simply an apology, it acted as a statement of acknowledgement by the Australian Government that previous governments had committed wrongdoings by removing thousands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their homes and families to be placed with White families and missions (religious camps which taught children white values essentially removing them from all their cultural roots) (Creative Spirits, 2014). This practice had incredibly adverse affects on families, the children removed as…
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