The Letter By Abigail Adams

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In Consideration of the Letter “Abigail Adams to John Adams, 31 March 1776”: Foundational Component Area Assessment Nora Roy History 1301/Section 4001 Professor Olivier October 1, 2017 1. Who wrote the document? The letter “Abigail Adams to John Adams, 31 March 1776” is a correspondence written by a passionate and intelligent woman named Abigail Adams to her husband, John Adams, while he is away from home serving as a delegate from Massachusets at the Second Continental Congress.1,2 Throughout the letter Abigail reveals herself to be incredibly multi-dimensional. She was an independent and hard-working mother and friend.1 Sandwiched between her pleas for longer and more frequent contact from her husband that both open and…show more content…
In writing this document, “Abigail Adams to John Adams, 31 March 1776,” the author, Abigail Adams, is trying to illustrate a desperate need for equality.1 As she has the ear and respect of a man well placed to impact the treatment of and protections for women within the realm of the new government, Abigail takes the opportunity to stress the importance of being “more generous and favourable to them [women] than your ancestors” by taking away a man 's legal control over, and ability to be tyrannical towards, their wives.1 She cleverly illustrates the frustrating plight of women by implicitly correlating the vexation over lack of representation that has brought her husband to the Second Continental Congress in the first place and the potential for women to rebel based on their own frustration over lack of representation in society.1,2 The need for equality is not simply the explicitly stated need for equal protections of women within the legislation of a new government, but the longing for equality within the realm of attention and affection is also exhibited within the letter. Abigail begins her letter wishing that her husband “would ever write me a [l]etter half as long as I write you” and writes in the closing paragraph that she wants “to hear much oftener from you than I do.”1 While the main purpose of the letter may not have been to request less one-sidedness in the current state of their relationship while her
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