The Letter From A Birmingham Jail

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In both the “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luthor King Jr. and “Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria” by Beverly Daniel Tatum, race relations are a main topic. While King writes about the effects and injustices of segregation, Beverly writes about the causes of self-segregation. These two works have a few things in common that is discussed, such as the inferiority complex that may stem from the segregation, racism and segregation cause mistrust and contempt, and racism is the cause for segregation. These three things are common between the two works, while King writes about the injustice’s taking place, and the urgency to take action in order to fix the problem. Beverly shows that while minor compared to the past, racism still effects the way black kids act and grow. DR. King touches on the possibility of black children growing up with an inferiority complex that stem from the mistreatment of blacks in his letter. King explains that children growing up being told their not allowed to do fun things that children of another race is able to do, can cause the child to feel a false sense of inferiority and bitterness towards the other race, like the example of the six-year old girl who couldn’t go to the public amusement park because it was white’s only. Beverly writes something similar when she states “simply as a function of being socialized in a Eurocentric culture, some black children may begin to value the role models, lifestyles and images

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