The Letter Of A Family Essay

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The Preface:
“Happy or unhappy, families are all mysterious. We have only to imagine how differently we would be described by each family member who believes that they know us” (Steinem). The subject of family is a broad one, as family is a term everyone seems to know, but at the same time, it has a different meaning to all of us; therefore, families are indeed a tricky subject to study. When one thinks of the ideal family, they may imagine a close-knit group of individuals who support, care, and love each other, rather they are blood-related or not. Unfortunately, most individuals don’t experience this as their family life. Until now, I never knew the extent of the hostility and division that various events such as divorce and hospitalizations brought unto my family. While conducting my research, I learned that my family is no outlier, as they have dealt with adultery, abuse, illness, division, and death. Ideally your family defines who you are as a person, but in this paper we are going to look at individuals who never had a steady family life, thus using their own personal experiences to define themselves at a young age. Along with that, we are going to showcase a family that fell apart due to excessive separation and unfaithfulness. In this paper, I will highlight these events while also comparing them with the myriad of data and research that I have learned throughout my time in the Marriage and Families class.
To begin this analysis, I believe that it is most…
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