The Letters of Abelard and Heloise

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In The Letters of Abelard and Heloise, Abelard and Heloise’s faith and morals are justified solely by the Church and society. This discussion of virginity, sex, punishment, society, religion and ethnical views are all tied together into one autobiography written by Pierre Abelard himself. Pierre Abelard was born in 1079 B.C in France. Abelard was born into a minor noble family where he learned quickly and excelled in the art of dialect, a branch of physiology, which at the time consisted solely on the logic of Aristotle. Unlike his father, Abelard decided to receive an academic career rather than a military career. With his academic career Abelard traveled through France and created a name for him and eventually his travels led him to…show more content…
Heloise understands that women are not superior to men and are only alive to serve their husband and supports it by saying, “changing my clothing along with my mind, in order to prove you the sole possessor of my body and my will alike,” (113). People in the twelfth century ignore the tenets of the Bible in which they do not wish to follow and instead believe that if society accepts their actions, society considers them virtuous. In a sense, society’s standards are held higher than the Church standards and people value society over the Church. Abelard, completely focused on his studies, had no intention of falling in love until he met someone just as academically advance as himself. Heloise captured Abelard’s heart and they started their love affair. Abelard feels guilty for having sexual affairs with Heloise before marriage and “during the days of Our Lord’s Passion” (147). And although God blesses sex in a marriage, the church regulates when a couple can be together. The affair lasts until Heloise’s uncle, Fulbert, a Church official, finds out and puts an end to it. However, being the witty, clever man he is, Abelard convinces Heloise to dress up as a nun and practice the nun life so that their affair will remain a secret. Unfortunately, this secret plan lasts until Fulbert finds out and thinks that Abelard’s intentions are to only get rid of Heloise and with that in mind
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