The Level Of Activity At The National Level

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The level of activity at the national level in regards to healthcare is currently very high. There are many healthcare policies, initiatives and trends that will affect the delivery of healthcare locally, nationally and globally in the future. Healthcare costs alone are rising due to emerging high end technologies, global pandemics (with increased international travel), and the continued increase in numbers of the aging population (which traditionally has shown a higher use of healthcare services). Protocols for medical practice are emerging due to the push for evidence based practice. This often times increases frustration for providers as it takes the decision making out of their hands. Physician shortage, increased patient numbers and financial strain is pushing the growth of midlevel providers; nurse practitioners and physician assistants. There is an increased interest in prevention and wellness within the healthcare community. This not only encourages people to be actively involved in maintaining their health but will hopefully decrease costs associated with chronic disease which can be prevented by healthy lifestyle choices. Current trends that will have an impact on Trinity Community Hospital (TCH) include provider shortages, the push for evidence based practice, Meaningful Use, changes in reimbursement, patient safety initiatives, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the aging population, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s), Healthcare Home Initiatives, and…
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