The Level Of Self Esteem And Academic Performance Of Psy105 Student At The Help University Campus

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This study was conducted to determine the relationship between the level of self-esteem and academic performance of PSY105 student at the HELP University Campus in 2014. Convenience sampling was used to collect the 30 samples from the population, without specific gender and ethnicity. Based on the literature it is stated that having a high self-esteem produces higher academic performance. The researcher used an existing Rosenberg Self-Esteem scale to obtain a raw data of each participant. The statistical test used is the Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient. The study was based on a non-experimental correlational design. The results shows a significant negative correlation between the level of self-esteem and academic performance, this concludes the level of self-esteem do influence academic performance.

The level of Self-Esteem and Academic Performance Self Esteem has been one of the elements that play a role in the student’s life of education. Past study has found high correlation between the level of self-esteem as the elements that affects academic performance, it shows that majority of student with higher self-esteem would be enthusiastically motivated to get involved in the learning environment (Colquhoun & Bourne, 2011). The aim of this research is to determine the correlation between the level of self-esteem and academic performance. This research begin focusing on two general factors of self-esteem first is the worth of self which…
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