The Level of Understanding of Students in De La Salle Lipa On Tuition Fee Increase

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Proper education is one of the main factors for a progressing nation. With the increasing cost of living, education cost also increases. This research, “The Level of Understanding of Students in De La Salle Lipa on Tuition Fee Increase” is conducted to determine students understanding on the possible cause of tuition fee increase in our school and tuition fee allocation. It is also an objective to indirectly help the students to be aware of the fees they're paying and the allocation and breakdown of the tuition fee. After a long research online, reading articles and conducting a survey related to our topic, the researchers come up to a result that the students in Dela Salle Lipa have an average understanding on tuition fee increase. On the…show more content…
Robert Kiyosaki once said that it is parents’ responsibility to send their kids to school but it is also important for parents to teach their children financial education in order to survive the real world”. The students should have the responsibility to understand the financial aspect of attending school not just the value of it. With this knowledge, students should be able to plan and adjust to sustain the cost increase on attending university/colleges. (Grant) In DLSL, tuition fee increase is most of the time unpublished. The students accept the increase without fully understanding the details and where the increase is allocated. Tuition fee breakdown is as follow: Tuition fee, Athletic Fee, Guidance Fee, Medical and Dental Fee, Library fee, Audio Visual fee, Registration fee, Deployment fee, NSTP fee. The first process that the researchers did was to search for related studies which are related on their topic. After analyzing the related studies of this research, the researchers conducted a survey to know if the students have a background about the level of understanding of the students in De La Salle Lipa on tuition fee increase. Once the survey was done and all the needed information was gathered, the researchers made the tallying of the variables. The variables used by the researchers are

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