The Lewis And Clark Expedition Crew

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#14: Winter- The lewis and clark expedition crew stopped for the winter along a small river, south of the Columbia. They built a fort, fort Clatsop which was named after the closest tribe of native Americans at that time. During the winter, they didn 't have a lot of adventurous activities to fill their time with, so they devoted their time to making moccasins, buckskin clothing, storing their food, and wring out unfinished maps and journaling their thoughts and findings. Their everyday life was filled with gloomy, wet, poor weather. Their food wasn’t any better, bad stringy elk with bitter indigenous roots. The Captains wanted to trade with an oncoming ship for food and supplies. Ships from the U.S. ports and Britain frequently stopped at the mouth of the Columbia . One actually did stop. They traded with the Indians but the Indians didn’t tell the expedition team. Readying to Return December 31, 1805 through ---March 22, 1806 Everyone on the journey is tired and homesick, ready to see their families back in the states.However, how they want about returning would be crucial because if they timed it wrong they would have to go through another excruciating winter. They need to wait for the snow to thaw to give them a little boost By Marches third week, the whole team was eager and ready to go home. The adventurers took out their three canoes and bought a fourth, they needed a fifth but couldn 't afford it so they want to the nearest village and stole it. The long,

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