The Lewis And Clark Expedition

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Sacajawea is a renowned Native American woman who played a significant role in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. As stated by Brown, “She turned to dreaming of the future, of what it might hold for Pomp (her son), as she had dreamed of what might lie ahead for her when she had learned she was to be going on the expedition. But it was no dream that she had become a part of history” (110). Although most of her history is unclear, one thing is definite - without the help of Sacajawea, the United States might not be what it is today. According to Lara Marks, Sacajawea “contributed to the success of one of the greatest American Adventures” (0). She truly left a lasting impact on American society and the way we were able to develop into the…show more content…
The Hidatsas lived far from her native land, right by the Missouri River (Now it’s Bismarck, North Dakota). She was kept there as a slave for three years, where she learned to speak their language, their methods of farming, and familiarize herself with the surrounding territory. Even though she was kept as a slave, she still worked side by side with the women of this tribe. There were many benefits of living with this tribe: she was treated as the rest of the women, there was plenty of food to eat, and she was exposed to many new things and people such as Charbonneau, one of the two French-Canadian men that lived with the Indians in this village. And little did she know, one was to be her husband. Charbonneau lived among the Hidatsa’s and Mandan Indians for many years, and worked for the Montreal-based North West Fur Company before he became self-employed. He was never a big fan of civilized areas or towns, but instead, he preferred the wilderness where he was far from civilization and able to live freely. While living in the Hidatsa village, Charbonneau had to communicate solely by sign language. This way he was able to communicate with other tribes as well. So he, along with Sacajawea, served as translators which would come in handy when they would soon meet the captains of the Corps of Discovery; Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. In the fall of 1804, Lewis and Clark arrived at the Mandan Village in

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