The Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Summary

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Lewis and Clark Expedition:
One of the greatest achievements that contributed to the increase of the size of the United States by double is the Louisiana Purchase. While this accomplishment was started through the initiative of a group of American explorers, it was mainly realized because of the efforts and vision of President Jefferson. Since it increased the geographical size of the country, the Louisiana Purchase was a significant historical event that was realized when America's population started to grow rapidly and it was a relatively young nation. Following the expedition led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, this historical event occurred in 1803 after an agreement was ratified between America and France. Actually, this region stretched from the river to the orifice of the Rocky Mountains though with yet to be determined original boundaries. The significance of the Louisiana Purchase is evident in the fact that it currently includes states like Colorado, Montana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Minnesota among others (Stief, n.d.).
Historical Context of the Exploration:
The Louisiana Purchase was a by-product of Lewis and Clark's expedition that started in 1804 as an exciting journey to examine land, resources, people, and animals. These two individuals were leaders of a group of explorers from the United States who traveled without through the use of horses and boats. The use of horses and boats as means of transport to facilitate the

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